Hello Friends,
thank you for submitting so many pictures!
You chose the winners with your likes:
1st place goes to Klas Malmberg Aquatilis with a great picture of a Pygmy Seahorse. He wins 10 dives in the Easy Diving & Beach Resort Sipalay
The 2nd place goes to Franz Hajek with a great recording of a Mandarin Fish. He has secured himself 1 free night for the next stay in Sipalay!
The 3rd place goes to Bernd Schreiber with his / her picture of a Squat Lobster. He can look forward to a € 20 voucher in the Easy Diving Restaurant!
Many thanks again to everyone who took part! Because of you a sum of PHP 3000.- came together for our rice project!
And for everyone who did not have a suitable picture this time or who did not win, already next Sunday we will continue with Coron-Wreck-Pictures!
Foto Wettbewerb 2020 Sipalay
Unterwasser Foto Wettbewerb
Unterwasser Foto Wettbewerb Sipalay 2020
Foto Wettbewerb