PADI Dive Courses

Discover Scuba Diving13,400
Coron; Discover Scuba Diving Wreck and Reef adventure, 2 dives6,150
Open Water Diver, e-Learning424,000
Advanced OW Diver, e-Learning2-318,500
Emergency First Responder, e-Learning17,000
Rescue Diver, e-Learning 4-625,500
Divemaster (with own equipment)14-2047,000
Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty diver, no dives, eLearning9,000
Wreck Diver Specialty, 4 dives, eLearning17,500
Deep Diver Specialty, 4 dives, eLearning17,500
ProNRC Nitrox course, no dives6,500

Diving with gloves is not Allowed
Coast Guard will charge 10,000.00Php Penalty

TEC Equipment

PHP/per day
Technical gear (complete set*)2,250
Double tanks / set 12 tanks (including air)1,450
Top-up air to double tanks on 2nd dive420
Stage tank 6L (including air)420
Stage tank 12L (including air)500
Top-up air to stage tanks on 2nd dive200
Regulator 02 clean400
Regulator, long or short hose200
Wing and harness400
Lift bag200
Breathing gas oxygen fill0.50/Li
Safety diver (per dive)1,250
Technical dive guide up to 50m (per dive)2,200

*Complete set per dive, including double tanks, up to 2 stage tanks, harness, wing reel, lift bag, air


Discover TEC3,300
Introductory sidemount dive1/23,300
Tec 40 Diver422,000
Tec 45 Diver421,600
Tec 50 Diver421,600
Sidemount Specialty Diver13,000
Tec Sidemount Diver521,600
Tec Gas Blender212,800


Discover Sidemount Diving3,300
Sidemount Diver13,000
Tec Sidemount Diver3-4 days21,600

These rates are subject to change without prior notice. All rates are in Philippine pesos (PHP) unless otherwise indicated.