Non-Diving Activities in Sipalay

Adventure Trips

Early in the morning after breakfast you will be picked up by Willie, your Tour guide, with the tricycle. The journey starts by following the spectacular coast approaching Sipalay. Later on our way we will have the great opportunity tasting local Coconut schnapps, called Tuba, and local coffee as an introduction in our upcoming adventure.

Next stop is the market to buy your lunch – fresh slaughtered chicken and fresh fish. After that our trip continues towards the country side passing rice fields, small vegetable and fruit farms. We are stopping near to a cave, you will go inside. On the walk to the entrance you climb through a river bed. In the cave you encounter bats, stalactites and stalagmites.

Back at the Tricycle we visit a nearby fresh water lake where you can refreshing yourselves by jumping in the cool water until your well-deserved lunch is served. Locals had fried the chicken over an open fire and cooked the fish with onions, tomatoes, rice and spices in a hollow piece of bamboo – only for you. After this you get fresh fruits as a dessert. This traditional food, as simple as it may be, tastes fantastic and is in every way a delight.

With your batteries recharged you can join the Philippino Rodeo; Carabao riding. These small water buffalos with the long horns are strong, tamed and will allow you riding their backs. But careful though, hold on to them or you might end up in the water beside the Carabao.


We have 2 mountain bikes available for you. Just tell the reception if you wish to go on a tour. It’s a nice possibility to explore the region around Sipalay and the local lifestyle. You will pass small villages with traditional houses, see women wash beside the road, and men plant the rice by hand. You can also make a stop at a school and have a look inside. But what makes the trip most worth while doing is the fantastic coast and the breathtaking view.


Don’t hesitate to use our kayaks and if you need an instruction just ask us. If you paddle left you will reach the beautiful bay with other white beaches for relaxing, snorkeling, or swimming. Going right you will be able to enjoy the coast with strange looking mountains, small islands, and white beaches, too. After a long time you will reach the river-mouth. Paddling up the river keeping left hand will bring you into a beautiful mangrove forest where a special kind of big, white bird lives in masses.


Instinctive Archery… Or the art of having fun with us on our 3D-course!

It will all begin just next to the target range with choosing your recurve bow, your carbon arrows, your quiver, and the protection gear for your safety. You will then be given a thorough introduction in archery in order for you to get used to the equipment and to gain accuracy.

And off you go onto the 987m long course through the jungle. You will have the opportunity to try your talent on 22 different targets, from the big competition butt to the smallest, well-hidden straw rabbit. It will take you roughly one and a half hour for the whole experience. There is a small creek flowing through the course with little bridges to cross. You will find nipa huts to rest. On two occasions refreshments are provided for you to choose from and all in all you will walk along a height difference of about 54m.

Become the next Sipalay Easy diving Robin Hood. A big blast and the perfect add on to the beach and diving lifestyle.

It’s more fun with Archery Asia!

Danjugan Island Marine Reserve & Sanctuaries

In 1974, we fell in love with the wonderful underwater world of biodiversity and Danjugan Island. In 1994 the owner bought the island in order to counteract its destruction. Today we share the treasures of the island with you.

In a single day on Danjugan Island, you will make countless impressive experience! About the unique and vibrant reef snorkeling, kayaking with the cliff slopes along or through the mangrove-lined lagoons, wander through limestone caves and forests. Or just relax on one of the pristine, white sand beaches. Be closer to nature, visit Danjugan Island.

Day trip offer:

  • Lunch and 2 snacks
  • Boat transfer to the island and back
  • Island tour
  • Use of kayaks and snorkeling gear
  • Nominal fee

Any visitor to the island contributes significantly to the island and biodiversity.
Learn more: PH Reef & Rainforest Conservation Foundation

Artificial Reef Project

Our newest baby is to raise a new artificial reef in chosen places along the coastline of Sipalay. We use the ‘boulder module system’ of Gino Keller, who did successfully the same in southern Negros and other parts of the world. This is the perfect way to extend the possibilities of increasing marine life and to protect the local fauna.

In order to have healthy and growing reefs, it is not only necessary to protect existing reefs but also to create new ones. Big parts of the reefs worldwide were affected by natural catastrophes, illegal fishing practices, and erosion caused by ignorant people. So affected reefs are not able to accommodate enough fish and other creatures.

By building reefs with this boulder module system, we do not only expect to multiply existing species but to attract new ones that will live in symbiosis. Past experiences show that the smaller fish multiply rapidly in these environments, attracting a bigger kind of fish. These artificial reefs could also be erected on sandbanks, strengthening existing reef structures and offering completely new habitats.

Be our guest and become an advocate for this amazing biosphere. Pay us a visit and contribute personally to enhance our reef with this method. We do attract already numerous divers and snorkelers, observing the progress of our method of improving the reef around Easy Diving and Beach Resort.

You have the chance to help and contribute to this wonderful reef-building project. Help to create new habitats for a healthy and growing underwater world. Become a sponsor of one of our boulder module. We will build it for you, place it and you will find your name engraved on a name tag. We will sink it at an appropriate place and you will be able to monitor the progress of your personal reef.

One complete boulder costs 4’000PHP. This includes material costs, the manufacturing of the boulder, your personalized engraving, and the placement. If you are present you can choose the date and will be diving with our team for free to the destination of your boulder. This will be documented and the documentation will be included as well.

Have a look at the pictures and descriptions of the boulder. The fish are counting on you!

AQUA-SUB Underwater Action

With Aqua Sub, you experience a new way of exploring the underwater world, towed by a boat. You’ll enjoy the aquatic life on the surface and underwater while you feel like flying in the sea under the surface down to a few feet. It’s easy to control, safe, and needs only a little effort to handle it. You don’t have to be a certified diver or a perfect swimmer.

You only need your snorkel equipment (mask, snorkel, and fins), and the new exhilarating and thrilling challenge begins after you jumped in the sea to feel that new way of fun.


We got brand new stand up paddleboards for you guys. You have to try this during your next trip to Easy Diving in Sipalay. Our white beach lagoon offers the best environment for your paddleboard experience.