Diving in Santander

Diving at a true small boutique resort is of course a rewarding experience. The dive shop in Eden is well equipped with Scubapro BCDs and regulators. We do have a wide range of fins, masks, wetsuits, spares and accessories of course. As for the souvenirs, I am sure you will find your T-shirt.

We offer the most flexible diving schedules specific to your needs. From early morning dives to night dives all your explorations will be spread over the day fitting your moods, be it a dive by dive, a half day or a 3 dives day trip.You’ll find all the creature from your fish identification book around the resort within a couple of minutes. We do have whale sharks, sharks and other fantastic encounters close by too but we try to avoid all the crowded places. So more fish than plastic fins.

Find our sites and suggestions right below. Most of our dive sites are in the range of 0-20 meters with some deeper spots up to 30 and of course this one special cool site to 40 can’t be missed.

  1. Old Bato pier: Macro sandy spot
  2. The village: Spectacular coral garden
  3. Gun Woo: Beautiful coral reef in slopes
  4. Emoha: Probably one of the nicest reef tops in the Visayas
  5. Antena: Beautiful coral slopes
  6. Eden house reef: Huge variety of corals and fish
  7. West tip: Where the reef turns into a wall
  8. Pebbles: Macro paradise
  9. Kingdom: Coral spot that changes its face with the currents
  10. Fastcraft: Wonderful coral landscape
  11. Noblesse: Shallow sea grass area with coral blocks
  12. Maayo: Both sandy slopes with huge coral formations
  13. Panorama: Flat to slop coral formation
  14. Tropara: Sand and coral mix with all the surprises that come with it
  15. Stairway: Terrace formation reef