Dive Sites in Santander

Our dive sites are mostly in a range of 0-20 meters with some deeper spots down to around 30. You will commonly meet turtles, ghost pipes, frog fish, ribbon eels, Jacks… and of course, whale sharks.

  • Antena: Beautiful coral slopes
  • Eden house reef: Huge variety of corals and fish
  • Pebbles corner: From a slope formation into a wall
  • Pebbles: Macro paradise
  • Kingdom: Coral spot that changes its face with the currents
  • Fastcraft: Wonderful coral landscape
  • Noblesse
  • Maayo: Both sandy slopes with huge coral formations
  • Panorama: Flat to slop coral formation
  • Stairway: Terrace formation reef
  • Old Bato pier: Macro sandy spot
  • Village point
  • Canlumacad: Both most spectacular coral gardens with one of the most amazing reeftops in the Philippines
  • Amlan pier: Sandy spot with sea horses and pier columns
  • Amlan dry dock: Port area with its diverse fauna
  • Tropico: Sand and coral mix with all the surprises that come with it
  • Oslob: The whale sharks

Dive Sites in Sumilon

  • Guard house: Wonderful wall
  • Sandbar: Spectacular topography turning into a wall
  • Cottage: Drift along the corals and meet the blacktips
  • Lighthouse: Drift over a beat up reef with jacks and barracudas