Danjugan Island

Discover the wonders of this 43-hectare island rich in marine and terrestrial biodiversity. The island boasts 5 lagoons and is covered with limestone forests. Trek, dive, snorkel and kayak to explore this island gem.

Skin & Scuba Diving
Danjugan Island’s coral reefs really are as diverse as the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Teeming with a rich marine life, Danjugan Island is a haven for skin and scuba divers to explore, enjoy and survey the protected reefs. Night dives from shore to the designated reef may be requested for those wishing them.

Enjoy unlimited shore‐based snorkeling on nearby reefs of Danjugan Island.

Bird Watching
Inhabited by 72 different bird species, Danjugan Island is a bird watchers paradise.

Morning Guided Forest Trek
Explore the ecology of the island’s forest and wetlands, and visit the island’s limestone caves with Danjugan’s educational guide.

Kayaks are available for those wishing to paddle their way around the island to explore its biodiverse shoreline, beaches and lagoons.

Danjugan Eco-Tour

Php 1,250 per day/person

3-hour tour of the island
Php 2,250 per day/person


  • Food (lunch and 2 snacks)
  • Boat transfers (from Punta Bulata to the island and back)
  • Trekking and snorkeling guide (including snorkeling gear)
  • Unlimited use of kayak (first come, first served)
  • Unlimited use of binoculars for bird watching (first come, first served)

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