Easy Diving Coron

Our new dive shop in Coron commerced operations in July 2018. Coron, which is part of the Calamanianes archipelago, is located on the north of Palawan Island and is famous for its wreck diving.

9 Japanese warships were sunk by US-American airplanes in WWII and have become artificial reefs. Beautifully overgrown with soft corals and lots of marine life they are now great diving sites. Also Reefdiving, Walldiving and Cavediving is offered. The depth ranges from 6 m to 40 m (18 ft to 120 ft) and diving is possibe the whole year round.

The dive shop in Coron is located in the Zuri Bayview Resort. Our daily diving activities start directly from the dive shops own pier. You also have the opportunity to stay at Coron Westown Resort or Westown Lagoon Resort, two cooperating Resorts only five minutes away by car. The dive shop and hotels in Coron can be reached within a 25 minutes ride by car from Coron airport.