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Dive Sites Sipalay and around

...a lost paradise for every diver to discover. Easy Diving offers daily 4 dive schedules with a selection from more than 30 dive sites. Enjoy our incredible underwater paradise. Dive in established protected marine reserves. Experience some of the most outstanding dives on our reefs and within an abundance of marine life.

Most of the dive spots are accessible within a 5 to 10 minutes boat ride. Some of the dive sites are located right in front of the Resort. There you will find shipwrecks, a gigantic coral garden and a large variety of rare species on the reef. It’s an ideal place for scuba training, excellent fun dives, and night dives. It is heaven for macro photographers.

Dive spots:

Dive spots:
1 KEVIN'S REEF Excellent house reef with an old big anchor at 9 meter depths. Max. depths 25 meters.   up to 25m
2 A-ROCK Nice coral rocks surrounded by white sand. Depths 10 to 18 meters.   10-18m
3 GRAND CANYONS Really great canyons to dive through like a labyrinth. All at 6 to 15 meters.   6-15m
4 DISNEYLAND Very exiting dive site with coral blocks and white sand. Plenty of lions fish. 5 to 12 meters. Excellent for night diving with lots of night active marine life.   5-12m
5 TOSCANA REEF An other very nice house reef like a drop off   6-28m
6 COCA-COLA WRECK  The Crew of Easy Diving found a new wreck in Sipalay after a search of nearly one year. On January 30th 2004 we found in the bay of Campomanes a freighter that sunk some 25 years ago. the freight was bottled softdrinks. We know now how Coca-cola bottle looked like 25 years ago as the freighter was a Coca-Cola freighter although everyone believed it has been a Pepsi freighter. This was a astonishing adventure. We will continue examining and mapping the wreck.    
7 MS JOJO Freighter from the 80's. Excellent condition. Topmost level at 20 meters Max. depths. 33 meters. Plenty of big lion fish to be seen.   above 22m, below 33m
8 SS PANAY Exiting wreck from the second world war. Very good condition with 33 meters at topmost level. This war ship was hit by Japanese torpedo's in March 1942. Still gas mask in the stock rooms.   above 33m below 41m
9 ELCO WRECK Nice small wreck at Obon Pt with nice corals and plenty of never seen big stag horn corals with plenty of fish inside.    
10 MISTERY WALL Beautiful Drop Off starts at 35 down to 70 meters. Only for Deep Divers. Large Turtles can be seen.   38-75m
11 BLUE WALL Deep blue negative entry down to 45 metes. Only for experienced divers.   17-47m
12 EVA'S POINT Drop off wall from 4 to 33 meters straight down. Just fantastic.   2-32m
13 EVA'S POINT Extension Wall dive toward Campomanes Bay with a max depth of 26 meters. Plenty of table corals.     26m
14 VILLAMOR A special dive site near Hinoba-an. Entry at 5 meters going through channels. If current comes in , the dive site changes to a drift dive.Most beautiful soft corals on reef top.   5-50m
15 MANTA DROP Fantastic drop off from 15 to 35 meters. Plenty of nice fan corals.   5-33m
16 HABOK HABOK A very nice Wall with several big cracks and Canyons in it. Depth from 1 to 16m.   2-16m
  Sunken Islands    
17 SUNKEN ISLAND Beautiful big sunken island with plenty of fish and very nice table corals. 8 down to 38 meters. For many divers one of the best dive site.   up to 38m
18 AYERS ROCK Fantastic sunken island with wonderful corals and plenty of fish at 18 to 35 meters depths.   up to 35m
19 MARCO POLO Negative entry down to a fantastic coral reef with hundreds of big fish down to 30 meters. Just amazing and very unique. There are sharks passing by.   up to 27m
20 DA-WEST Negative entry down to a fantastic coral reef with hundreds of big fish like Barracuda, Tuna, etc. down to 34 meters. Just amazing and very unique. There are Sting Rays and Sharks passing by. Perfect for underwater video and photography. Just in front of your cottage.   up to 45m
21 CLARA REEF The reef starts at 11 down to 30 meters on a exiting slightly dropping wall. Plenty of Butterfly Fish among others and with the best chance of good visibility.   11-30m
22 MARCELLO REEF A very nice underwater world for divers with canyons And different cracks.   5-28m
23 FRITZANTINO WALL Very nice drop off down to 40 meters. The coral wall goes up to 15 meters. You even can reach the shallow area at 5 meters. Very exiting dive experience.   5-40m
  Coral Slopes    
24 MA-ASIN ISLANDS Most beautiful big table corals ever seen. Great coral garden from 8 to 28 meters. Mostly good visibility.   up to 25m
25 MA-ASIN 2 Nice coral walls starts from 5 down to 20 meters.   up to 20m
26 MA-ASIN 3 An other wall full of nice corals.   5-27m
27 OBON POINT Splendid coral garden of 5 meters of wall sloping falling to 28 meters.   5-28m
28 MATATINDOC PT. Simple wall dive along the front reef of Nataasan Resort.   5-26m
29 ENZIAN REEF A lovely Reefplateau   up to 35m
30 LEONARDOS REEF Healthy coral reef with hard and soft corals   up to 15m
31 BLACK ROCK I Steep wall dive along the front reef of Obon Pt.   5-28m
32 BLACK ROCK II Similar extension of Black Rock   5-28m
33 BLACK ROCK III Several channels along the wall.   9-28m
34 SPIRAL DROP Straight down wall from 5 meters down to 27 meters, with a Coral formation like a spiral.   up to 27m
35 CATMON PT. I Nice coral garden near Hinoba an with canyons and walls.      5-22m
36 CATMON PT. II North of Catmon Pt. is an other dive site fromfrom 5 to 22 meters. Excellent for day trips.   5-22m
37 BULUGUISAN PT. A coral plateau of about 5 meters starts the dive. A very nice drop off goes down to 22 meters to an entrance to a big cave. Excellent corals and gorgonians.   5-22m
38 ROMANTICO Another reef down with a negative entry to 26 meters. We have found a shark cave on top of the reef. Finally you can discover a very romantic wall dive bringing you back to the main house reef.   5-25m
  Turtle Island    
39 CATHEDRAL TOWER Deep dive down to 40 meters on an excellent reef. A tower goes up to 22 meters   up to 40m
40 MAD MAX (Bulata Pier) Dive along the pier at Bulata and you will find very special species like Nudibranch, Lionfish, Sea slag, Star fish, Tiger cowry, Black lined Doris….    
41 JULIENS WRACK Wreck dive with some current at 6 meters. The quiet big wreck lies on a large area. You can dive or snorkel on it.beautiful coral coverage.   6m
42 NORTH-WALL Beautiful coral garden with many fish.   5-25m
43 SOUTH-WALL South of Turtle Island , we have a beautiful reef which is full of soft and hard corals.   5-30m
  Danjugan Island - Nature Reserve    
44 TAMPS Free way down on 24 meters fish without end. Finding also tall Napoleons.   24-??m
45 NELSON Free way down on 21 meters falling wall. Splashy diving place.   up to 21m