Artificial Reef Project

Project ‘artificial reef Sipalay’

Our newest baby is to raise a new artificial reef in chosen places along the coastline of Sipalay. We use the ‘boulder module system’ of Gino Keller , who did successfully the same in southern Negros and other parts of the world. This is the perfect way to extend the possibilities of increasing marine life and to protect the local fauna.

In order to have healthy and growing reefs it is not only necessary to protect existing reefs but also to create new ones. Big parts of the reefs worldwide were affected by natural catastrophes, illegal fishing practices and erosion caused by ignorant people. So affected reefs are not able to accommodate enough fish and other creatures.

By building reefs with this boulder module system, we do not only expect to multiply existing species but to attract new ones that will live in symbiosis. Past experiences show that the smaller fish multiply rapidly in these environments, attracting bigger kind of fish. These artificial reef could also be erected on sandbanks, strengthening existing reef structures and offering completely new habitats.

You do love the underwater world?

Be our guest and become an advocate for this amazing biosphere. Pay us a visit and contribute personally to enhance our reef with this method.

We do attract already numerous divers and snorkeler, observing the progress of our method of improving the reef around Easy Diving and Beach Resort.

You have the chance to help and contribute to this wonderful reef building project. Help to create new habitats for a healthy and growing underwater world. Become a sponsor of one of our boulder module. We will built it for you, place it and you will find your name engraved on a name tag. We will sink it at an appropriate place and you will be able to monitor the progress of your personal reef.

One complete boulder costs 4’000PHP. This includes material costs, the manufacturing of the boulder, your personalized engraving, and the placement. If you are present you can choose the date and will be diving with our team for free to the destination of your boulder. This will be documented and the documentation will be included as well.

Have a look at the pictures and descriptions of the boulder.

The fish are counting on you! Thanks


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Umfassende und ständig aktuelle Informationen zum Pilotprojekt finden Sie in der PDF-Datei: letztes Update 28.02.2014


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